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Why should I use a Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI)?

Warranty -  Lifts installed by a Rotary Authorized Installer get an enhanced warranty absolutely free! An extended warranty is also available

Installation guarantee - RAIs warrant their supplied materials and labor against faulty material and workmanship for one full year on new installations.

Factory authorized - Rotary Authorized Installers are the only companies authorized to perform warranty work.

Insurance - RAIs are fully covered with both general liability and completed product and operations liability insurance. This means you’re protected, even after our RAI leaves your site.

RAI™ only products - Rotary®’s SmartLift®, inbay® and Parallelogram products can be installed only by an RAI. It only makes sense that the highest quality, highest technology designed products should be installed to the exact highest standards of an RAI

Parts - For initial installation and later service, RAIs carry the most common parts and only use Rotary Genuine Parts™ to ensure peak performance of your lift.

Information - Service and Installation bulletins keep RAIs current on the full Rotary product line. In addition, RAIs have 24-hour access to technical information via the Internet and can request detailed assistance from Rotary’s Customer Relationship Department.

Training - All RAIs receive comprehensive factory training. They also maintain their proficiency by attending ongoing training on existing and new products.

Tools and equipment - RAIs are equipped with the right tools and equipment to make sure the installation is right the first time and minimizes disruption to your shop.

Inspections - RAIs can conduct periodic lift inspections upon request or on a regularly scheduled basis




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