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Wheel Service Equipment

Tire and wheel service are an important part of your shop’s success and while Rotary didn’t invent wheels, they sure know how to service them.  Shops have trusted Rotary for more than 90 years. TheyWe know that technicians work most efficiently when they have the right equipment for the job. Like our vehicle lifts, Rotary wheel service equipment is the best there is. It’s manufactured to the highest standards and includes the productivity and safety features shops need to get jobs done right


The world of wheel service will never be the same again.

Rotary wheel service equipment is here and we’re putting a new spin on quality! Your shop needs equipment that lasts, you need equipment that is easy to understand and friendly to use – and now you can get it from Rotary. You’ve trusted our name for over 90 years. Dependable, quality made wheel balancers, tire changers and vehicle alignment equipment from Rotary – why go anywhere else?

Whether you’re a small independent shop or a high volume dealer, you need to invest in equipment that lasts. You need it to work for your business day after day, year after year. Rotary wheel service equipment will do just that. Their high quality durable wheel service tools will take a beating and continue to deliver for your bottom without worry. Filling your bay with equipment from Rotary is the first step toward years of dedicated service to your customer.


Tire and Wheel Balancers

Rotary didn’t invent the wheel, but they sure know how to service it. Their line of professional wheel balancers offers cutting-edge technology, productivity and safety features that every shop is looking for.

With laser scanners and dimensioning sonar all the way down to hand spun value priced balancers, there’s a product to fit your needs and budget.


Why balance? Tire or wheel balancers help keep your tires on the rim and help prolong their life. Without balancing, a tire or wheel is prone to wobble and could be unsafe at road speeds. All new tires go through process to ensure that the overall wheel assembly runs straight and true. So, vibrations are reduced at the steering wheel and throughout the vehicle.

Why Rotary? Technicians rely on their equipment to diagnose what type of wheel weights should be used and where they should be placed for maximum effectiveness. Rotary’s line of professional wheel balancers gives positive feedback to your tech so they can mount, spin, inspect, place weights, spin and confirm the proper balance of a newly mounted tire. Our superior balancers will last in your shop and offer trusted service to your technician and your customer.

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Tire Changers

Our broad line of professional tire changers offers cutting edge technology and all the features you’ve come to expect from Rotary.  Our changers bring all the best functionality to your shop and offer the choices you need to fit your bay and your budget.

Whether you are dealing with the 12” tire of a compact sedan or a super single from a road tractor, our lineup of tire changers has you covered. Changing tires has never been easier and now you can rest assured that over 90 years of Rotary quality and commitment is there to back you – every step of the way. 

Our wheel alignment systems offer cutting-edge technology, productivity and safety features that every shop is looking for. 


Alignments don’t need to be scary. In fact, they should be simple and that’s what Rotary has done with our new line of state of the art wheel alignment systems. Simply eyeballing the steering alignment of a vehicle is not acceptable, so you need equipment you can count on job after job. You will appreciate the revenue generating power of Rotary equipment and your techs will love how easy it is to use.


Any alignment system should provide feedback of the vehicle’s tire position relative to the center line of the car. Rotary’s wheel alignment equipment provides this analysis faster and easier than other comparable equipment thanks to their patented clamping systems, measuring heads and cameras. Take the mystery out of alignment and take back the profits that have been falling through the cracks.

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